F E A T U R E D  R E V I E W S

BBB has helped me reach my personal goals and has challenged me to go on and create more goals for myself.The program has shown me how to eat correctly. I used to think the only way to see results was to diet, but that's not the answer. Same has shown me it is about fueling your body with the proper macro ratios. BBB has taught me that eating is OK, as long as it fits my macros!I have learned that the key to see results is not all salads and dry chicken, but a wide variety of foods. I have been able to eat anything I want as long as it fits in to my daily macros. I have learned that it is OK to treat myself, I earned it.I used to only track calories, and stayed away from carbs, but BBB has shown me that eating a balanced macro diet really makes a difference.I have slept more restfully, trained harder, and not been as sore in recovery because I am fueling my body the way it needs to be.

- Nick