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You get to work with the owner of Butts by Butts herself to put you on the fast track to achieving your goals.

Who doesn't love getting to work with the boss?!


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Nutrition is not easy. To be honest- for me it was always the hardest part to commit to. However, I knew in order to have better performance in the gym that I had to stay on top of it and put in the work. You cannot out-work a terrible diet! You need to ensure that you are watching what you eat, the quality of your food, and the timing to guarantee that you are getting the best results that you are capable of in and out of the gym. I prefer the flexible diet method. That being more flexible with your diet is better. If you're interested in learning more- please emails me.


How to start a healthy diet- follow these SIMPLE steps.


- Start with lean protein (1 serving= 1 palm/4oz meat)

- Vegetables (1 serving= 1 fist or a cup)

- Healthy carbs (1 serving= 1 fist or a cup)

- Health fat (1 serving= 1 thumb or tbsp.)


It all starts here once you make that commitment. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.


Email me if you are interested in a nutritional plan and I will make sure to direct you and help you in any way you need.