• weekly meal planning template
  • meal prep ready recipes
  • complete recipes for breakfast, entrees and snacks
  • weekly overviews (planned meals for each day)
  • sunday meal prep notes
  • complete recipes
  • grocery lists
  • weekly overviews (meals for each day)
  • sunday meal prep notes
  • weekly notes on WHAT to focus on and WHY
  • 146 healthy recipes
  • bonus meal planning templates
  • simple recipes
  • weekly overviews (meals for each day)
  • easily meal prep for the whole week on Sunday
  • Hyperlinked weekly plans so you can easily click back and forth between the weekly recipe list and the full recipe with ingredients and directions
  • Easily download to your laptop, iPad, iPhone, or other smart devices through your PDF reader or free Kindle app
  • bonus recipes

This meal plan is all about simplifying your busy life while still making sure that the what, how and when nutrition priorities stay sacred.

Each week just select one of the appropriate meals in the following meal prep form and then do your cooking on Sunday and Wednesday to keep breakfast-dinner prepped and ready to go the rest of the week.

The reason for splitting up cooking days is just to be careful to not keep cooked meat in the fridge for too long, but if this does not bother you then you can realistically do all cooking at the beginning of the week.

Cook Days: Sunday + Wednesday

Sunday: Cook for MON-WED

Wednesday: Cook for THU-SUN

The rules are pretty simple... For each day pick:
1 breakfast + 2-3 entrees + 1-2 snacks

6-8 weeks


- Over 120 recipes (40 days)
- Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack recipe for every day, 7 days/week
- Complete recipes, ingredients + instructions
- List of other back up food and snack ideas to keep on-hand
- One-time downloadable PDF
- Access to a few bonus recipes in case they want to sub out specific meals in the plan

5 weeks


- 5 recipes for every day
- 3 meals, 2 snacks
- 6 days of recipes for each week (1 free day)
- bonus meal and snack ideas
- weekly grocery list for assigned recipes
- Sunday meal prep checklist (easily prep meals for the week in 1 day!)

6 weeks


- 4 recipes for every day
- 3 meals, 1 snack
- bonus meal and snack ideas
- weekly meals designed for each day 
- designed for Sunday meal prepping 

4 weeks