Sam's Story

“Here is how I am going to beat you. I’m going to outwork you. That’s it. That’s all there is to It.” – Pat Summit
This has been my life motto.


Growing up, I was surrounded by sports. It was in my blood. I never took a season off. I couldn't. Baseball, softball, golf, and basketball consumed my life. My obsession with sports and fitness started early. I started weight training in high school and I never knew that I would fall in love at the time, but I did. I was never the biggest person on the team; to be honest- I was the smallest. I craved working out and found it to be my happy place. I went on to play college softball at Austin Peay State University and that is when it really opened my eyes to the fitness world. Upon attaining my degree in Healthcare Administration and minor in Exercise Science in 2012, I moved to Nashville, TN. I shortly realized I wanted to get back in shape. That is when I found CrossFit. Little did I know that it would change my life and bring me right here in this moment where I am today.


By definition; CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. All CrossFit workouts are based on functional movements, and these movements reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more. These are the core movements of life. Fast-forward 5 years later (2017), I am now 4.5 years into competing in CrossFit as a sport and I am coaching full-time. I was also introduced to another local gym called, Shed Fitness where I now coach group classes. Shed involves high intensity training like CrossFit minus the barbells and high skilled gymnastics. So as you can see fitness is still my happy place.


Over the last 5 years I have developed many amazing relationships in the fitness industry. I am now a certified personal trainer and my dream is to have my own brand, my own apparel company, and to be a lighthouse for anyone who wants to become a better version of who they already are. I know that if others set their mind to it- they too, can maintain a healthy lifestyle.


My ARDOR is to help others become better version of themselves.


My ASPIRATION is to show people how to rival love through fitness, and to show how fitness can benefit you in more ways than just looking good!


My ASSURANCE is to give you everything I have to offer you, whether it be my knowledge based off of research and experience, or just that kick of encouragement!


Join me on this fitness journey and let me help you become a better version of yourself.